About the Zealous Counselor

 I am a central New York native that has been moved to Tennessee to pursue my career in less snowy and warmer climate. I have been a middle school counselor for 4 years and have been a counselor for grades 6th-8th. 

I am a huge Steelers fan! 

The first time I research and discovered my
enneagram type, I cried because I felt so understood. I dedicate much of my time to researching the enneagram as it is an invaluable tool to help better understanding students and myself.  

My enneagram type is 4w3 with a 1 to 1 subtype.

If you catch me at professional developments, I am probably doodling, but no worries, I am a kinesthetic learner. 

Me for blog.JPG

I am incredibly grateful that I am able to share my experience and knowledge with you as a school counselor.