4 Ways to Make Counseling Activities Engaging

1) Skip the Worksheet:

Most worksheets are boring for the students and it can be overdone if you use them too often. You want the students to look forward to their time with you, not dread it. There are many other things that can be done that make your lesson engaging for the students.

2) Use Task Cards:

They are fun and flexible. There are so many activities that you can do with task cards, they never get old for the students or you! You just need to print the task cards once and then reuse them for years to come. The beauty of task cards is that they compliment all learning levels and all types of learners. If you need ideas of how to use task cards, feel free to check out Cooperative Learning from The Responsive Counselor. This is a FREE resource, yes I said free. This resource helped me get started on ideas on how to use task cards. If you are looking for already planned out activities using task card, you can try these: Growing Healthy Friendships, Proper Use of Social Media, or Self-Guided Scoot: Healthy Friendship Edition. If you're feeling creative, here is a free task card template for you to use to get you started.

3) Use Sorting Cards:

Sorting cards are a hands on activity that keeps the students interested in your lesson. What I like about sorting cards is that you can use them to dive deep into a concept. For example, I create my sorting cards to drive home interventions in solution-focused therapy or cognitive-behavioral therapy. This allows me to create something that I know is effective and intentional. If you need an example check out: Solution-Focused Intervention Time Management Edition. Beyond using as an intervention for your preferred style of therapy, you can use sorting cards to make the students think critically about important concepts in your lesson. Often times you can create a little game or a friendly competition when using sorting cards.

3) Play Games!

No matter how old your students are, they love playing games! Heck, most adults still love playing games! There are card games, original-creative board games, and traditional board games that can be used as counseling tools. Click the examples provided to get some ideas of how you can use games as a counseling tool: Self-Esteem Card Game by Whole-Hearted School Counseling, Build Your Own Counseling Game by EduKate & Inspire. These are just some ideas, but I promise you there are so many great ideas! TeachersPayTeachers is your friend!