A Simple Way to Improve Staff Morale

Well, this week I learned that I was going to be part of a new school committee, the self-care committee. This was fine by me because I am a self-proclaimed, self-care advocate. I am a firm believer that in order to give our students ours best, we have to take care of ourselves. Fall break is just around the corner and everyone is READY for it to be here. The teachers and staff are burnt out and we all can use some appreciation and a permanent change in culture.

Now, I can't take all the credit for this idea because I really got it from my old job, but it was impactful. At that job we called them snap cards, but for our school we are calling them kudos cards!

What is a Kudos Card?

The kudos cards are already created, all someone has to do is write who it is to and from, a compliment, give "kudos" for something done well, or show appreciation for a person. After they are done filling out the card, they will drop it in one of the kudos cards mailboxes, which are set up in the work rooms and the lunch room. The counseling team, will go through the cards once every 2 weeks, and distribute the cards to the receiving teachers and staff. Also, we will pair it with some candy or snack. This is a nice surprise for the faculty because they never know when they are getting a card, so when they do get one it puts a smile on their face first thing in the morning. And of course, there is a treat for whenever they need a pick up within the day.

These cards are a great way to help boost the staff morale and can be a permanent positive adjustment in the school culture for the adults. One last thing, you can totally use these with students too!

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