Behind the Blog

Welcome to my very first blog post as a school counselor!

Middle school is when I had my first thought of being a school counselor. I remember meeting with our school psychologist for a group counseling session with some of my friends. We had such fun activities and discussions that even as an adult I can still recall. This school psychologist made a positive impact and impression on my middle school years. Jump to high school, I think I met my school counselor once and that was because I sought her out for a schedule change and to briefly talk about college.

I went into college, changed my major four times because I had no direction and minimal self-understanding of what skills I had and could use to market myself, nor did I really have an idea of what I wanted to do as a career. On my fourth and final major change (to psychology) I ended up falling in love with human development, helping others, and education, which is how I landed my dream career as a school counselor. My love of helping others paired with my previous experiences with the school counselor and psychologist is what gave me the motivation to be the person that helps assist the change for our future generations.

Now, the purpose of this blog is to pay it forward and help all counselors grow, be innovative in their approach to their students, and be able to organize, analyze and collect data to show where change needs to be promoted.

~ Melissa