Collecting Behavioral Data for Students with ADHD for 504.

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

When I am doing a 504 for students with ADHD listed as their disability, a classroom observation for time on task is my go to tool to use before we meet as a team. This allows me to collect concrete evidence on the student to see the percentage of times that they are on task. In addition, it allows me to analyze the behaviors that they are doing in class. This helps see any patterns that the student has or if there are certain triggers that the student has that keeps them off task.

The notes section is used to assess the classroom environment or any other important information. For example, if a student has ADHD, they need a classroom that doesn't have an overwhelming environment. The notes are reminders of points to bring up to the teacher or at the 504 meeting. I have experienced some classroom walls being loaded with posters, student art, colors, quotes etc., it can be very overwhelming for a student with ADHD. Other times I note that the student may be distracted by another student tapping their pencil loudly or talking frequently. The possibilities of distraction in class are endless when it comes to a student with ADHD. Below is a tool of what it would look like to fill in the tool.

This is a simple but effective tool to use. If you wish to impress your administration with data and are able to add this to your 504 routine, click here.

~ Melissa