Free Resource for COVID-19 Communication with Parents and Students during COVID-19.

FREE RESOURCE! I put together a Powerpoint that we mass emailed to all the parents and students in our school. In a time of crisis I felt like I needed to do my part and offer a free resource for other counselors that are not sure how to communicate with parents and students. I left the resource editable so that you can adjust it to your school's needs.

This resource includes:

1. Counselor's contact information

2. The variations of how we can counsel while out of school

3. Announcements from our district (you can put yours) and where they can find the latest announcements

4. Things the students can do while out of school

5. Community Resources

6. Managing Anxiety around COVID-19

7. Self-Care for Students and Parents

The Powerpoint has hyperlinks that you will be able click on in presentation mode. If you're interested in this resource, click the picture in the blog it will bring you to the resource in my TPT store.

Additional Ideas:

Weekly Newsletters: I am sending a newsletter to the students with ways that they can cope with stress, anxiety, and self-care while away from school. I have several that are reaching out to me worried about relatives, themselves, or feeding off of their parents energy, so I feel like it is a need.

Self-Care: Do a Zoom yoga class with your students to help promote meditation, mindfulness and self-care. WE ALL can benefit from self-care during this crazy time! This allows them to practice self-care and bond with their friends while out of school.

Reach to the non-regulars: On a day to day basis counselors are pulled in all different directions by many of the same students, teachers, admin, crisis, etc... I am sure you know what I mean. Well, us counselors can use this time away from distractions to not only help our frequent flyers but reach out to the students that we do not get to see as much. I will be sending out getting to you emails to the students that I don't get to see as often. I want them to feel like they have an additional support and that I do care about them, even if we are not in school.

Career Guidance: My middle school students use Naviance as a college and career readiness tool. I am going through the students responses and reaching out to them about some of their responses, questions, and goals. If they have a lot of questions or seem interested in discussing the topics further, I offer a Zoom conference.

Reach out to parents regularly!: They are human. They could be panicking due to the virus, money, or no food in the house, they may need resources to help them. I know my food bill has doubled since I have been out of school, I couldn't imagine making next to nothing and having children to feed. This could be added stress to the parents and the students.

These are the ideas that I have so far, but I would love to hear what others are doing too!