Proper Use of Social Media for Students

  • She called me a B**** on Instagram.

  • He went on Instagram live saying that he was going to fight me.

  • I am worried because my friend is posting pictures of her cutting herself.

  • I met my boyfriend online, we have been talking for a week. We met up on Saturday! #PanicAttackForThisCounselor

  • I am so annoyed because all my best friend does is post pictures of her and her boyfriend.

  • I feel like nobody likes me, I barely get any comments or likes on my Instagram.

  • She slide into my DM's threatening me and calling me names!

I am not exaggerating in the least bit. I have heard all these things and so much more! I would say more than half of the students that come into my office, their conflict in some way involves social media. By the end of last year, I was ready to personally delete ALL of the students social media to save them some self-esteem issues, agony, gossip, and conflict, BUT we all know this is not realistic. This year, I am taking a proactive approach by having open discussions of the proper use of social media.

I created 32 task cards and provided four, fun different ways the cards can be used: Fan N' Pick, Classroom Discussion, Classroom Mingle, and Quiz-Quiz, Switch. Some of the topics that are covered in the task cards are the following:

Answer Up! The students should answer the open-ended question on the task card.

  • Empathy

  • Self-Esteem

  • Warning Signs in Friendship

  • Meeting People Online

  • Conflict

  • Reputation

  • Kindness

  • Self-Harm

  • Appropriate vs. Inappropriate Use

I will be using these task cards to promotes an open discussion during a couple of my school's advisory periods. Our teachers implement the school counselors lesson plans for our advisory period, this provides social-emotional lessons to the entire student body. This activity gives the teachers the perfect opportunity to use these task cards for collaborative learning, promoting positive discussion around this topic, and they are able to further develop a relationship with their students.

Lastly, I will be using this activity in addition to my Navigating Friendships and Growing Healthy Friendships lessons for my small Social Skills small group. How the students treat each other on social media is just an important as how we treat each other face to face. We need less keyboard warriors and more encouraging leaders in our student body.

Have the studnts practice their probelm solving skills. What would they do in the given scenario?

Is the following statement true or false? Have the students explain their answers to create a productive discussion.