The Importance of Teaching a Growth-Mindset

We have all been around the people that are so negative that they consume every bit of energy that you have, listening to complaint after complaint. When I was a kid, I don't think I noticed it as much as I do now that I am an adult. I find the most comfort in being around people that are in more like-minded with a growth-mindset.

People that love personal development tend to be people that have an over arching growth mindset. These are the people that will do the research and the hard work it takes to be a better person. The goal of educators is to help mold productive members of society, and engrossing yourself in personal development is one way to be a productive member and individual. People that have a growth-mindset seem to have a better understanding of how their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are connected. This is not to say that people that have a fixed-mindset don't have this ability, because they do. The difference is their outlooks on their habits and life. Growth-mindset strive to be better every day and believe in their ability to do so. They are not stuck, they always push forward.

We all want students to have goals and dreams that push them. If a student has a fixed-mindset, they are going to find it difficult to reach goals. It is not that they can't complete the goals, it is that they struggle emotionally and mentally along the way. There is self doubt, negative self talk, low self esteem, and LOTS of complaining. For individuals with a positive mindset, every challenge or adversity may sting, but they take on the challenge and spin it to a positive, it is a form of resiliency. Who doesn't want their students to be resilient? We all want a resilient, goal-getter!

The nice part about being a school counselor, is that I have the ability to teach students how positivity and growth-mindset will change their lives. It is a true joy to be able to share this knowledge with not only my students, but other educators.

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