The Organized Student: Traveling Papers Edition

Okay, so I am wicked stoked. If you have not read "The Organized Student" by Donna Goldberg with Jennifer Zwiebel, you must! They have such fantastic ideas on how to help students improve their executive functioning skills. It motivated me to help the students so much that I am in the process of creating a small groups unit of organization based solely on their methods.

The only downfall I can think of is I work for a Title I school, so sometimes it is challenging for student to even have a backpack, yet along some of the materials that are needed to remain organized. I know I will have to spend some of my own money and shop the dollar sections in order to make this a successful group, but it will be worth it. If I chose to teach this on a more systemic level, reaching out to the community for donations will be my go to. The community is usually very generous when it comes to helping students.

So far, I have one lesson plan down that I am so pumped about. This lesson plan is for traveling papers. You know the students that cram papers from all their classes, anywhere they possibly can. Their backpack, lockers, random folders, one binder of all notes from the entire year, etc. This lesson and these organization methods are for them. This lesson gives them the organizational skills on how to setup a binder or accordion for their traveling papers.

My lesson plan includes the following:

Step by step instructions on how to set-up a binder

Step by step instructions on how to set up an accordion

Detailed layout of the lesson plan

Editable exit tickets

Sample of the binder setup form that comes with this lesson plan.

Like I said, all of these ideas for this lesson are from this book, it is a staple in my collection.