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The Organized Student by Donna Goldberg with Jennifer Zwiebel.

Guys, this is a must read. I am in the process of making a small group unit dedication to these organization methods.


This free resource was extremely useful when I first started creating task cards. If you are are looking to create task cards and need some ideas on what to do with them, this is for you!


This fidget is one of my favorite finds! It allows the students to keep their focus in class without having something distracting and loud. I would take these over a fidget spinner or a stress ball.

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I am so thankful for this webinar. It gave me a basis and the motivation to address our school counseling program more intentionally for students of color. 

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This is a continuation of the previous webinar. It breaks down more about how to approach this topic with fidelity and what to expect for push back. 

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It is worth a read for sure! Some of the content is innate knowledge as a counselor. It requires to do a little bit of self-awareness. Also, it helps you with how to approach the staff and stakeholders when trying to create change within your school.


Typology Podcast
Part of being a great counselor is knowing yourself. Your strengths, weaknesses, what motivates you, as well as others.  This podcast was so helpful with self-discovery through the lens of the enneagram. In addition, it sheds light on how to better understand and approach others people. Easily one of my favorite podcasts that anyone can listen to and enjoy.